Government Contracts

Announcement Regarding DDC and COVID-19

Dear Valued Customers and Partners:

In the wake of the news surrounding COVID-19 and its spread across the globe, the health and safety of our customers, partners, and employees are our top priorities.

We understand the critical role our testing provides for our clients in the best of times, and now this moment will be even more important than ever to some of them. Please reach out to your Contract Manager or Customer Service Representative should you need anything during this period to support you and help facilitate the best experience. We will work with you to provide the smoothest turn-around and trusted quality that we can safely provide.

There is no question that you’ve been inundated with communications like this one. Even so, I wanted to share some of the steps DDC is taking to maintain business continuity and support for our customers and partners.

How we’re working to provide uninterrupted operations

As a long-established and accredited lab-based testing company, we have the inherent advantage of having tools and processes in place to continue our internal business operations uninterrupted. Currently, DDC testing is fully operational and conducting business as usual, and will continue to do so as long as we are able and authorized to do so.

We continue to provide around-the-clock testing Monday through Friday. Our support team is available to answer your questions and address any technical concerns during our normal business hours and will keep relevant updates on our website.

We have heard from both Government and private-sector collection sites that have ceased specimen-collection services or shifted focus to medical necessities in accordance with their local, state, and federal requirements. We are here to support and comply with all governmental agencies that we serve, and as always, are doing our best to meet those needs. Where applicable, DDC has fully implemented a “self- collect” process that maintains chain-of-custody and meets accreditation requirements, preventing direct client contact to obtain a buccal swab. If agencies provide staff-assisted collections and no longer prefer to continue with this option, DDC can try but may have difficulty helping to secure other arrangements at this time. Due to staffing changes and mail system support over the coming weeks, there may be minor delays in our turnaround times—measured in days, not weeks.

How we’re keeping DDC employees safe

Our leadership team has executed an emergency-response plan with guidelines for working and managing teams remotely, where possible, and have taken steps to spread out staff that is not able to work remotely across the facility to support social distancing and take fullest advantage of our very large, state-of-the art facility. We have implemented self-check health stations and additional cleaning protocols, and have also installed additional sanitizer stations throughout the building.

Per local and federal government recommendations, we have suspended all non-essential company travel, cancelled corporate events, and stopped making in-person field calls.

We’re here to help

We recognize that the current events impact us all, in every city, state and country. We are doing everything we can to ensure our safety and continuity and hope the same for all of you. Please reach out to us with any questions, concerns, or requests.

Scott Cramer
CEO and President