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Privacy Statement

DDC takes every measure to ensure your privacy and the confidentiality of any transaction you make with us—online and in all other communication methods that we use. On this page you will see the steps we take to protect your privacy.

DDC ensures the privacy of all visitors’ information. At no time and under no circumstances will we sell, trade or otherwise disclose personally identifiable information such as names, email addresses or any other private contact information without your formal written consent, unless otherwise compelled by law.

Information you provide
Any information we request, such as your email address, is only used for the purpose of responding to your request and processing your DNA test. We never give your email address to any outside organizations, and we do not use it for any purpose unrelated to the testing service you request.

When you order a test, we need contact information for the tested parties so that we can coordinate appointments for those involved. You may give us special instruction when you call us or use our online order form. If you are making any payments online, we also may ask for your credit card information.

How we protect your information
Any information you transmit using our website—via our information request forms, Contact Us forms, and order forms—is encrypted and sent securely through the Internet. The information is stored in our secure databases, which can only be accessed by a limited number of authorized persons.

DDC’s staff members are specially trained to keep our patients’ information confidential. Whenever anyone calls for case information, we first verify that person’s identity by asking for a telephone number, birthday, or other information. We never give any information to those who are not authorized to receive information on a test.

Other information collected
To gauge the effectiveness of the DDC website and services; to help us make efficient use of and improvements to the DDC website and services; to help understand DDC’s users, and for other purposes, we collect certain non-personally identifiable information about visitors that does not reveal a visitor's identity. For example (and without limitation), DDC’s web server automatically recognizes a visitor's domain name (such as .com, .edu, etc.), the webpage from which a visitor enters the website, which of our webpages a visitor visits and how much time a visitor spends on each webpage. DDC may, at its sole discretion, use this information in a non-personally identifiable form or aggregate this information and use it for any purpose.

DDC links to external sites that help us perform our mission in providing you with accurate, accessible DNA testing and related resources.

Links to external servers do not imply any official DDC endorsement of the opinions or ideas expressed therein, or guarantee the validity of the information provided. Links to commercial sites are in no way an endorsement of any vendor's products or services.

Copyright Information
All of this site’s web content, graphics, and images, in part or in whole, and in any combination, are protected by copyright.

We grant permission to use information provided on this site for your personal, informational use only. It may not be reproduced for any commercial purpose. If you are unsure of the extent of this permission, please contact us. We will take legal action against any infringement on DDC's copyright.

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