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About DDC's Laboratory

Quality testing using state-of-the-art equipment

With five ABI PRISM® 3100 genetic analyzers and the advanced Biomek® FX and Biomek® 2000 robotics systems, our laboratory is equipped to process thousands of DNA tests daily. Our ability to process high volumes of cases enables us to give clients value-added services with faster turnaround times and affordable prices. Our robotic technology allows us to automate the liquid handling and sample preparation steps, eliminating these manual procedures that might cause sample mix-ups and cross-contamination.

Accurate results with our unique Dual Process™

An additional value that comes with DDC’s DNA tests is our Dual Process™, which ensures error-free testing. All samples we receive are divided into two for independent testing by separate technical teams. They carefully record each step to ensure that samples are properly identified and tracked throughout. At the end of the process, one of our laboratory directors looks at the raw and analyzed data produced by both teams, checking to see if the results match. The Dual Process™ eliminates common laboratory mistakes and assures clients of accurate, reliable results.

Exhaustive analysis by highly experienced scientists

Each DNA testing situation is unique, and some require even more careful analysis than others. Our DNA experts have the depth of experience required to make scientifically sound judgments on every case—even those with unexpected results that arise from genetic mutations and unusual biological relationships.

When necessary, DDC scientists use our extended battery of DNA tests and our extensive population database—the largest in the private industry. These essential resources, combined with our staff’s expertise, our precision equipment, and our stringent procedures, make DDC the number one choice for DNA testing.