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Mission and Values

Our mission is to provide the best DNA testing services that are accessible and affordable to our clients wherever they are. By providing high quality DNA tests, we strive to empower our clients with the information they need to discover truth and make confident decisions in their personal or professional lives. With this mission in mind, all of us at DDC embrace the following values in our daily work.

Our clients are our focus. Our services are built around client needs. DNA technology can only be powerful if its uses are identified and pursued with the client in mind. We listen, and we respond—providing service that is relevant, accessible, and affordable.

Our people are our foundation. We recognize that the quality of our staff is the key to the quality of our services. We hire only the best, and provide them with the best—in a secure working environment that values diversity, initiative, and teamwork. We support personal and professional development, enabling our staff to be the absolute best in what they do.

We are driven by trust. We place a high value on trust—the trust that our clients place on us to uncover the truth. A single DNA test can change many lives, and we keep this perspective in everything that we do.

We recognize the importance of community. DDC thrives within the context of our larger community—the people and places where we work and live, as well as the professional organizations to which DDC staff and scientists belong. As a responsible member of the community, DDC supports its staff’s community efforts, knowing that our success can be measured by how well we serve our community’s greater needs.