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The Science of DNA Testing

Paternity testing and other DNA tests rely heavily on DNA's structure and function. Since DNA's structure was discovered in 1953, numerous techniques have been developed to use this knowledge to learn more about how living things function and solve human problems. This section contains information about DNA and applications of DNA technology for those who are interested in learning more.

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DNA Biology: Structure and Replication
A short primer on DNA.

The Polymerase Chain Reaction
Learn more about the technology that enables scientists to make multiple copies of DNA for testing and study.

Applications of DNA Technology: A Broad Overview
Various uses of DNA technology, from science to the home.

Understanding the mechanisms of life
Solving crimes and mysteries
Creating solutions for health and nutrition

DNA Testing Videos
This series of 7 short videos explains the science of DNA and the DNA testing process with the use of live lab footage and 3D modeling and animation.

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